Manifestatie te Borgerhout

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Floris Vanhoof, Nick GeboersSaturday, @ Out off sight
20 February 2021,

Make an evening stroll on Saturday, 20 February from 20:00-21:00 to watch MANIFESTATIE TE BORGERHOUT, a live projections event by Floris Vanhoof and Nick Geboers on the window of Out of Sight. The projections can be watched from across the street Dokter van de Perrelei 51.

The Mirror Egg, multiple 16mm film projections by Floris Vanhoof started from a miniature sitcom-like filmset in his studio and taking the 16mm film-camera out on daily walks. The characters and Floris find themselves in absurd situations and a stream of images begins to take form. 

The slideshow AgX/CCD by Nick Geboers depicts the same object: a wafer containing three CCD’s (a charge-coupled device). CCD image sensor is technology that allows for light detection and is widely used, for example in digital cameras, among others. Steven Humblet notes in his text that CCD “is digital equivalent of the light-sensitive emulsion on a film negative”, remarking that the slideshow AgX/CCD “reminds us of the double nature of light (wave and particle), expressing once more how intimately the photographic system is linked with the fundamental laws of nature.”

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