These inventions came too late

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Groepstentoonstelling met videowerken van AAIR-residenten Eva van Tongeren (STRT Kit 2019) en Ans Mertens (STRT Kit 2018), samen met Miles Fischler.

“How did people ever get the idea they could communicate with one another by letter! One can think about someone far away and one can hold on to someone nearby, everything else is beyond human power. […] Written kisses will never arrive at their destination, but during their journey are drunk empty by ghosts. Because of this rich nourishment, they multiply in an unprecedented way.

Humankind knows this, and to eliminate as much ghostly between people as possible and to attain a natural intercourse, a tranquility of soul, they created railways, cars and airplanes. But nothing helps anymore, these inventions came too late because the enemy is so much calmer and stronger: after the mail they invented the telegraph, the telephone. The ghosts will not starve, but we will perish.”

Franz Kafka in a letter to his lover, Milena, in 1922.

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