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Best wishes  2022

Salt prints on cotton rag

Man Ray Has always been inspiration and I really enjoy Steven Manford’s Instagram account @manfordmanray dedicated to the artist.  Through some those Instagram posts I discovered that Man Ray created new Years wishes in his darkroom for his friends.

Inspired by this and by the idea that I have the feeling that the last years I did not invest enough time in my friends I created a series of prints to send out to my friends.  Don’t feel offended if you did not receive one, only a few really came out the way I wanted them to be or I did not have your post address.  PM me your address and Next year I will send you a card 😉

The ‘Best Wishes 2022’ were created with the salt print process.  This is one of oldest processes to print photographs from a negative.  It was used in the 19° century and early 20° century to print photographs mainly from wet collodion glass plate negatives. 

I created a 21° century digital negative from a scan of a 120mm negative that was deconstructed with chemicals. This negative was used to create salt prints @fotoatelierdezilverbeek .